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Photo stories

I love taking photos, especially when I am out in nature. I've also had the opportunity to travel and visit different places in the world. This page is dedicated to some of these experiences, each with a little narration. I hope this helps you get to know me a little more with a little view into parts of my world.

Landscape in Nambiti Nature Reserve South Africa

Nambiti Game Reserve 2021 - Nicci Goott

Pilansberg National Park, S.A.

Pilansberg Game Reserve is about two hours drive from Johannesburg, South Africa. I visited this reserve with my husband on two separate trips - once in 2014 and again in 2017. 

These photos are a collection from that period. Take a listen below.

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Gujurat, India

Gujurat is a large state located on the Western coast of India. In November 2010 I visited India for the first time, to study traditional Ayurvedic massage. 

Although I was there for only 10 days, I immediately felt like I had lived at least one if not many lifetimes in the country. I have a few photos from this transformative trip.

Take a listen below.

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In 2012, I took a trip to Thailand. It was meant to be only two months but through a series of events, I ended up staying for almost a year. I call this period my 'life sabbatical', and it was truly transformative. I took many photos during that time - this is but a small sample.


Take a listen below. 

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