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Psychic Space

In the last month or so, I've noticed a shift in the psychic space around me. My mind, while normally clear, has certainly felt less spacious in the past two years under the conditions of the global pandemic.

The most significant change I've noticed is that I have more mental space to open my mind. What I mean by this is, for the past two years, I've used a certain amount of mental will to create a kind of self-protection boundary, particularly around my mental space. The global pandemic has been like an active volcano, erupting daily hot liquid, scorching everything in its path. Understandably, people around the world have been hugely impacted by the pandemic. All of the combined mental and emotional energies have affected the global psychic space. Mental and emotional energy creates different pressures in the unseen psychic atmosphere. While it may not be visible to the naked eye, we do sense them as a 'felt sense,' and some may even 'see' them as those who perceive the human aura. The mental boundary of self-protection I created was meant to block out many of these erupting pressures in the psychic environment.

My sense is that, as the most severe waves of the pandemic have subsided, the psychic eruptions have begun to slow down. It's not to say that it won't erupt again. Nor should this be interpreted as no other kinds of psychic eruptions occurring. Rather, there are changes in the pressure differential, say from where we are today to where we were a few weeks or months ago.

Coming back to my feeling of having more mental space, I've felt the change in this pressure differential. With this change, I've been able to go back to things that have been hard for me to enjoy since the start of the pandemic. As an example, I've started reading more, both fiction and non-fiction. It may seem strange, but I really didn't have the capacity to read books. It was sort of like my own mental library was already full, and there was no space on the bookshelf for more volumes. My focus shifted to cooking and baking, both things I love. But I have missed the joy of reading a new book and the world of possibilities in it. Returning to this activity has brought with it a sense of inner fulfillment that I had missed for a while.

There's less need for the kind of mental protective boundary I had installed earlier. Incidentally, this feeling coincides with Spring. Perfect timing, I would say!

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