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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

One Soul.

Two voices.

Which one is true?

Radiate into the world!

The assured confidence

of the Self, exclaims.

It is pure joy.

I have my doubts about


Pensive personality dams

the waters.

It retreats in fear.

The Soul remains

steadfast on the other side.

Immune to time,

it waits patiently; all the

while poking and prodding

as if drawing in the herd.

True voice timidly begins

to step out from the


Each step a triumph,

much like the early crocus

blooms in Spring.

True voice finds steady comfort

in the slow thaw of Spring.

As Earth yawns stretching

out her great limbs; greeting

the morning sun,

True voice gazes toward the light

and at last finds its way



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