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Defining Compassion

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

At the core of compassion is understanding. It is the intersection of kindness and a recognition of the universal suffering of all beings.

By understanding the interdependent and interconnectedness of ourselves to all beings and all things, brings an expanded awareness of the individual and collective experiences of joy & suffering.

The greater our awareness of this interconnectedness, the more our capacity to increase our compassion increases.

The Universe itself is one large, magnanimous love machine. It is in the fiber of every cell and atom of every thing.

Compassion is lovingly neutral, kind, nonjudgmental and loving.

Compassion is a state of consciousness that is cultivated through friendliness/maitri, joy for the happiness of others/upeka, and the dissolving of attachment to likes and dislikes. Cultivating a meditation practice that focuses the mind on states of devotion and equanimity, develop the serenity of the mind.

Compassion ultimately, dissolves the boundaries of the ego which creates the inwardly experienced state of separation and difference.

Compassion is the tenderness of a raindrop resting delicately on the tip of a leaf.

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