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Work with Nicci

In essence, I help people discover joy and inner peace within themselves

The framework I use is what I call the five layers of consciousness, also known as subtle bodies. Each layer has a set of needs, functions, and lessons. When we’re not in alignment with ourselves, multi-dimensionally, we experience dissatisfaction, unhappiness, stagnation, and so forth. I facilitate a process where an individual can come back into alignment with themselves and move from feeling stuck to the experience of satisfaction, fulfillment, flow, and joy.

I teach people how to rediscover their inner wisdom and inner guidance all within a container of moving oneself and the world closer to harmony and union.


I believe that peace begins within, and the more deeply we’re able to know ourselves, and understand what our beliefs and values are that shape our reality, the more we’re able to show up with presence, with kindness, and with compassion.


The highest perspective we take is the one with insight, clarity, wisdom, and non-judgment, and that in my experience, comes from the Soul or Spirit or the Highest Self.


The journey continues here.

Thanks for reaching out!

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